Fourth International Environmental Protection Exhibition

The fourth International Environmental Protection Exhibition will be held in Macau starting on March 31, 2011.  The keynote speaker will be former under secretary general of the United Nations, Klaus Toepfer.  This year’s theme is “Green Opportunities – Low Carbon Urban Development”, advocating “Green Cities, Smart Technology, Sustainable Growth”.

Activities are planned including forums, assorted business exhibitions and something called, “Green Public Day”.  The main goal of the event is to communicate the sharing of knowledge between Macau and other countries with respect to environmental solutions.

More than 250 foreign companies have already signed on as participants in this year’s expo.  Last year’s event saw nearly 6,000 visitors with over 350 companies exhibiting.

Macau is located close to Hong Kong and the two cities are treated similarly by The People’s Republic of China.  Macau reportedly also has the longest life expectancy in the world but that’s an entirely different form of sustainability.