So You Want To Update Your Website Yourself?

Recently it seems as though many more clients are asking for websites they can update themselves.  These sites are frequently referred to as content management systems (CMS).  As in any trend, many people ask for things that have become buzz words or due to horror stories they have heard from their contemporaries.  The fact is a content management system is something that needs careful consideration before automatically having one built.

Many people want a CMS because they don’t want to rely on their web design company to make updates for them.  The truth of the matter is that an average minor website update costs about $100.  Not too bad when you consider the fact that building a quality content manage system runs about twice the cost of an average static website.  If you factor this in with the time it takes a business owner or employee to update the site on their own, it may be a better deal to just let the website development company do the work.

If a company wants to make frequent changes to content, and perhaps also wants a blog, then a CMS might be the best solution.  Savant Creative Group normally builds blogs on the WordPress platform.  The majority of blogs you see today are published using WordPress — including this one.  It is excellent for search engine optimization and even for some content management systems.  For clients needing a more extensive CMS solution, Drupal is an excellent choice.  Now that version 7 is out, it has a whole new look and feel.  Drupal can be used for many different business website development solutions including online  journalism, ecommerce, blogging communities and entertainment sites.

The best way for a business to decide on which website solution is best for them is to consult an ethical marketing firm who will help them sort out the various options and find the most successful and sustainable solution.  There isn’t one answer that fits all companies.  Spend the time now so as not to spend extra money later.