The Impact of Corporate Culture on Being Green

Many companies are trying to become outwardly greener in order to help the planet as well as to garner positive public opinion.  It is essential that these businesses bring the green inside as well.

One of the most ignored aspects of branding is that of internal branding or, more eloquently stated, corporate culture.  Corporate culture is the embodiment of a brand. It is the way workers behave, think and interact inside the office.  Businesses should help educate and support their employees’ respect for the environment.  The greener the corporate culture, the greener the brand and its touch points.

Businesses can hold seminars that teach workers how to conserve energy, reuse materials, and even how to bring there lunch to work in a greener way.  At the same time, they can make sure they are recycling office and employee waste diligently and sustainably.  This way, businesses are not only talking the talk — they are walking the walk.  What the public experiences on the outside is the same as what the workers experience on the inside.

The more companies utilize holistic and consistent green branding, the more united they will become and the more true to the cause they will be aligned.  The business wins, the workers win, and the PLANET wins.

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