Does Your Business Have a Website or a Web Presence?

We are at a point in time when a website is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  Most often, the first step a prospect or new business contact will take is to visit your website.  This provides an opportunity for them to learn more about your business as well as for your business to make a good impression in regard to its integrity, stability, and goods and services.

The problem with many websites we come across every day is that many businesses, particularly small ones, think that having any kind of website is helpful.  This includes free ones, those done by a friend or relative on the cheap, or in many cases, produced by a web design company that has no knowledge of branding and marketing.  They produce inexpensive sites that are made from templates and offer little more than a “your face here” appearance.  Owners of these sites feel that they have made the investment and that all sites are equal — possibly even a commodity item.  Nothing could be further than the truth.

The public can tell a quality website from an obligatory one.  Furthermore, the negative impressions offered up by these sites result in reputation damage that can not be seen or calculated.  When prospects arrive at one of these sites they are likely to see a lack of professionalism and they are gone — opportunity wasted.

Successful and effective business website development reflects a company’s brand in a positive light and fits in with their other marketing materials including business cards, brochures, and social networking touch points as well as all other collateral.  The written content on theses sites has been optimized to keep visitors interested while also creating positive search engine rankings — allowing a website to be found during searches for important keywords by anonymous prospects.

A properly created, designed and written business website produces a web presence in which a company effectively expresses their brand and mission statement as well as their capabilities and distinct advantage that clearly communicates why they should be contacted rather than a competitor.

Savant Creative Group offers free business website consultation. Learn how we can help your company deliver a united and powerful web presence designed to increase business and deliver more qualified leads.  Contact us today to see to see how we can assist your company excel.

So You Want To Update Your Website Yourself?

Recently it seems as though many more clients are asking for websites they can update themselves.  These sites are frequently referred to as content management systems (CMS).  As in any trend, many people ask for things that have become buzz words or due to horror stories they have heard from their contemporaries.  The fact is a content management system is something that needs careful consideration before automatically having one built.

Many people want a CMS because they don’t want to rely on their web design company to make updates for them.  The truth of the matter is that an average minor website update costs about $100.  Not too bad when you consider the fact that building a quality content manage system runs about twice the cost of an average static website.  If you factor this in with the time it takes a business owner or employee to update the site on their own, it may be a better deal to just let the website development company do the work.

If a company wants to make frequent changes to content, and perhaps also wants a blog, then a CMS might be the best solution.  Savant Creative Group normally builds blogs on the WordPress platform.  The majority of blogs you see today are published using WordPress — including this one.  It is excellent for search engine optimization and even for some content management systems.  For clients needing a more extensive CMS solution, Drupal is an excellent choice.  Now that version 7 is out, it has a whole new look and feel.  Drupal can be used for many different business website development solutions including online  journalism, ecommerce, blogging communities and entertainment sites.

The best way for a business to decide on which website solution is best for them is to consult an ethical marketing firm who will help them sort out the various options and find the most successful and sustainable solution.  There isn’t one answer that fits all companies.  Spend the time now so as not to spend extra money later.

SEO Consulting for a Successful Website

The best way to begin work on a new website is with thorough planning.  Just as a house needs a blueprint, a website needs a solid map.  If you want to build a site that searchers will find easily, an ethical SEO consulting service,, is the place to start.  It is essential to work with an ethical SEO company to insure that only white hat approved strategies are used so that the site owner never risks being penalized or banned by the search engines. Starting here, you can determine the kind of site you need, the keywords that will attract the visitors you want to get as well as the underpinnings for the site architecture.  Once this is in place a wire frame can be created indicating  all  the pages you will need as well as where to place the keywords and phrases.

After this stage has been completed, the visual comps can be created for the approval of the look and feel of the site (the front end).  Next comes the copy-writing and image searches to give the site its content and punch.  A good site copywriter skillfully works the important keywords and phrases into the site content using the guide that the SEO consulting company has prepared.  if these steps are followed with care and much thought, the new site can hit the search engines running.

Contact Savant Creative Group, the ethical marketing agency, today for a free website analysis in order to best determine your needs.  Savant can create your website completely in house because we are a full service web design company.

Website Trends & Strategies for 2011

As the new year approaches let’s look at where web design is headed as technology races forward sweeping the web along with it.

With the increased usage of smartphones, more people are surfing with their mobile phones and the importance of creating mobile friendly sites is becoming essential. Businesses can create mobile versions of their sites so that user experience does not suffer on the small screen. As the iPhone gains market share, sites that utilize Flash will become less popular and developers are working with other technologies for image motion such as java script. The New York web designers at Savant Creative Group ( are working with many new strategies to give their web clients the edge.

Mobile ecommerce sites are also gaining popularity and internet vendors need to be sure their sites are appealing to those users who are shopping away from their desktops. The development of marketing programs for this niche is essential for increasing sales and with the ubiquity of price comparison apps and social networking applications, it is more important than ever to maintain a good reputation and line of communication with prospects and customers in real time.

As 2d barcodes such as QR codes are becoming more popular, it is easier to recruit mobile visitors to websites by sparing them the tedious input of long urls that can result in typos and loss of hits. A good QR code agency ( can help increase website traffic using the codes in advertising campaigns.

The web will change a great deal in 2011. This is the time to plan the strategies and tactics that will make it profitable.