Ghana CSR Company

Based in South Africa, MTN is the largest telecommunications company, in Africa. They are committed to supporting corporate socially responsible initiatives in Ghana. The MTN Ghana Foundation primarily focuses on creating health and education programs.

MTN is a triple bottom line company aligning themselves with the ideals of sustainable business development in which corporate decisions are based on social, environmental and governance factors rather than just financial or economic ones.

The foundation’s projects have included building several schools as well as an ICU at a children’s hospital. MTN also operates a scholarship program that has helped over 1000 recipients.

According to Robert Kuzoe of the MTN Ghana Foundation, “the positive results on the communities has made the foundation more determined and committed to pursuing more CSR projects in the coming year to support social and economic development of the communities in which MTN operates. Though the Foundation is only three years old, it has chalked tremendous successes in promoting health and education in Ghana and we remain committed to give back to our communities in the coming years of MTN’s operations in Ghana.”

Stonyfield Farm, a Sustainable Company

Stonyfield Farm (makers of the organic yogurt) has been selected as one of the 25 most socially responsible companies by Will Marre, CEO of Releadership Alliance.  Marre’s list can be viewed at It is entitled, “Giving is Winning”.

Marre has set out to demonstrate how successful companies are achieving amazing success by considering the triple bottom line instead of only the bottom one.  Stonyfield embraces the use of sustainable farming techniques by being organic, considering the health of the cattle as well as its human employees and by donating 10% of its profits to various environmental causes.  Stonyfield has also built the largest solar photovoltaic array in the state of New Hampshire to date which has also saved them almost $2 million in energy costs thus far.

Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield says, “”Running a green business is not just an ethically and environmentally responsible activity, it is the basis for economic growth in the 21st century.”  The truth is that sustainable business development is not only better for the planet and its citizens.  It is also better for company profits and growth.

Savant Creative Group helps companies grow through sustainable business development methods.  Running a sustainable company merges the prospects of prosperity and ethical responsibility.