New York City Business SMART

New York City Business SMART (Sustainably Minded Alternative Round Table) is a group that meets monthly in Manhattan.  SMART has been in existence for about a year and a half and has been growing at a healthy rate.  It started as a Linkedin group and can be found at

The group is free to join and is open to principles of companies doing business in the areas of sustainability, ethical responsibility, social responsibility alternate energy sources and environmentalism.  It brings together a group of like-minded professions to discuss various issues, learn about each other’s businesses, and to offer support for the issues they face.
Members take turns giving presentations about their company’s capabilities and values. The group exchanges advice and referrals in order to help participants grow their businesses.

The group was started and is led by Savant Creative Group, an ethical marketing agency that embraces sustainable business development methodologies.  The group is currently building its own web portal as well as planning various public events designed to help educate the public about sustainability issues.  SMART is currently looking for people interested in presenting on point inspiration talks as well.  If you are interested, Please contact Savant Creative Group or apply for membership through Linkedin.