A QR Code Advertising Agency Campaign Gone Wrong

This weekend I spotted a QR advertising campaign by Jet Blue Airways on a New York City subway car.  As is common these days, advertisers take an entire wall of a subway car to display a series of different pieces that make up the promotion.  This was a complete waste of advertising dollars on the part of Jet Blue’s for the following reasons:

  • It is very difficult to get a decent scan of a QR code on a moving train.
  • The code was made up of design pieces and rotated by 45 degrees making it more difficult to decode.
  • One of the largest mobile phone carriers in the New York market is AT&T who has no internet service on subways.
  • In order to scan the code I had to point my phone directly at several passengers making them feel self conscious.

The QR advertising industry is still quite young in the United States and it can provide excellent ways to reach out to prospects if handled correctly.  At Savant Creative Group we provide QR code advertising agency services to clients in a well planned, easily used and highly measurable manner.  Contact us today to see how we can help your company effectively attract prospective customers.

QR Code Advertising

Many advertising campaigns and marketing programs in the United States are now implementing QR codes as a means to direct the public to online media including promotional videos, public service information, the ability to purchase tickets to various events, and coupons — just to name a few.

QR codes are a type of 2d bar code that was invented in Japan in 1994.  It is open source and its use is widespread throughout Japan and much of Europe.  Now its usage here is starting to reach critical mass.  The December 18th cover of The New York Times Magazine Section features a full page photo of a QR code that was made by artists out of balloons, bringing credence to the fact that these codes have become a part of pop culture.

Using these codes in marketing pieces allows viewers to interact with them using their smart-phones, reaching a marketer’s destination without having to remember or input a lengthy url into their browser.  This makes it easier and error free for the user as well as highly trackable for the marketers.

Savant Creative Group (SavantCreativeGroup.com), a QR code advertising agency is adept at implementing QR code advertising programs (http://savantcreativegroup.com/green-advertising.html).  In the coming year many advertisers will start embracing this new media.  The early embracers  are most likely to get the biggest pop by standing out.

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Website Trends & Strategies for 2011

As the new year approaches let’s look at where web design is headed as technology races forward sweeping the web along with it.

With the increased usage of smartphones, more people are surfing with their mobile phones and the importance of creating mobile friendly sites is becoming essential. Businesses can create mobile versions of their sites so that user experience does not suffer on the small screen. As the iPhone gains market share, sites that utilize Flash will become less popular and developers are working with other technologies for image motion such as java script. The New York web designers at Savant Creative Group (http://savantcreativegroup.com) are working with many new strategies to give their web clients the edge.

Mobile ecommerce sites are also gaining popularity and internet vendors need to be sure their sites are appealing to those users who are shopping away from their desktops. The development of marketing programs for this niche is essential for increasing sales and with the ubiquity of price comparison apps and social networking applications, it is more important than ever to maintain a good reputation and line of communication with prospects and customers in real time.

As 2d barcodes such as QR codes are becoming more popular, it is easier to recruit mobile visitors to websites by sparing them the tedious input of long urls that can result in typos and loss of hits. A good QR code agency (http://savantcreativegroup.com/green-advertising.html) can help increase website traffic using the codes in advertising campaigns.

The web will change a great deal in 2011. This is the time to plan the strategies and tactics that will make it profitable.