Website Trends & Strategies for 2011

As the new year approaches let’s look at where web design is headed as technology races forward sweeping the web along with it.

With the increased usage of smartphones, more people are surfing with their mobile phones and the importance of creating mobile friendly sites is becoming essential. Businesses can create mobile versions of their sites so that user experience does not suffer on the small screen. As the iPhone gains market share, sites that utilize Flash will become less popular and developers are working with other technologies for image motion such as java script. The New York web designers at Savant Creative Group ( are working with many new strategies to give their web clients the edge.

Mobile ecommerce sites are also gaining popularity and internet vendors need to be sure their sites are appealing to those users who are shopping away from their desktops. The development of marketing programs for this niche is essential for increasing sales and with the ubiquity of price comparison apps and social networking applications, it is more important than ever to maintain a good reputation and line of communication with prospects and customers in real time.

As 2d barcodes such as QR codes are becoming more popular, it is easier to recruit mobile visitors to websites by sparing them the tedious input of long urls that can result in typos and loss of hits. A good QR code agency ( can help increase website traffic using the codes in advertising campaigns.

The web will change a great deal in 2011. This is the time to plan the strategies and tactics that will make it profitable.

Sustainability Initiatives in 2011

With economic conditions remaining flat at best, what hopes can we have for increased sustainability initiatives in the coming year? recently asked several executives what they were looking forward to in 2011.  It appears that no one is coming out with any groundbreaking new campaigns and strategies.  Most of the comments centered around maintaining activities that were already underway.

It takes a lot of courage to invest in new sustainable modalities amidst economic uncertainty.  Most sustainability related investments such as energy audits and revamps, recycling campaigns, and even vendor overhauls take between three to five years in order to become profitable.  Corporations are looking at producing short-term profit scenarios taking them farther away from a sustainable future.  Even though most are trying not to invest this is the time for action.

Slow economic periods provide for the best opportunities to rebuild marketing strategies, branding campaigns, and communications with the public in order to lay the fertile ground work for the next wave of prosperity.  Savant Creative Group is an ethical marketing firm helping clients achieve sustainable business development based on a balance of short and long term initiatives.

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